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to Each Client.

Tax Planning And Wealth Preservation

Preserving family wealth and passing it to future generations in a tax-efficient manner is a primary objective of many estate planning clients. Because the U.S. tax code is constantly in flux, however, this goal can be challenging. Cookie-cutter solutions are no solutions at all.

The knowledgeable estate planning attorneys at Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe, LLP in Lake Forest, Illinois, understand that families with substantial holdings require creative wealth preservation plans that are tailored to suit their unique needs. We don’t rush to judgment regarding what will work best for our clients. Instead, we invest ample time upfront analyzing each client’s assets and talking through concerns before developing a wealth preservation plan that suits that client’s objectives.

Creative Ideas Implemented Smartly

Because of our extensive knowledge of tax and estate planning, we are able to craft both simple and sophisticated estate plans that preserve wealth effectively and are a true reflection of our clients’ needs. Our lawyers advise clients on:

  • Preservation of assets — We develop strategies for professionals, business owners and families to protect against creditors, lawsuits and other threats to holdings.
  • Management of multigenerational family assets — We offer a holistic approach to day-to-day administration, management and governance of family offices.
  • Gifting and charitable strategies — We provide experienced counsel regarding gifting to family members and charitable organizations.
  • Business succession plans and legacy trusts — We help family businesses, partnerships and other entities develop a comprehensive strategy for the planned or unplanned exit of an owner or another stakeholder.

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