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We Can Help You Establish Guardianship Or Tackle Special Needs Planning

The parents of a child with severe disabilities often assume they will continue to be their child’s legal guardian even after the child turns 18. Although a parent may understand that the child is incapable of living independently, the child is legally presumed competent unless determined otherwise in a competency hearing.

Establishing guardianship is a means to obtain legal authority to make decisions concerning day-to-day care and/or the financial matters for an adult who lacks the mental capacity to make responsible decisions independently.

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The attorneys at Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe, LLP in Lake Forest, Illinois, assist clients with special needs planning and help establish guardianship for adults who are incapable of making decisions in their own best interest due to a physical or mental disability. Guardianships also may be necessary if a person becomes incapacitated following an accident or due to age or illness.

Provide For Your Disabled Adult Child While Preserving Government Benefits

Often, parents of a disabled adult child want to provide money for clothing, food and other living expenses. They want the child to have a comfortable standard of living, but giving the child money directly may disqualify him or her for Social Security Disability or other government benefits.

We help clients in this situation create and fund a special needs trust, which allows an individual to receive financial assistance without interfering with government benefits. As with all aspects of estate planning, addressing guardianship and special needs planning in a timely fashion is always a smart idea. Developing a plan before you face an emergency situation can provide you more options and save you thousands of dollars.

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