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How to prevent challenges to your will?

There are various important aspects of estate planning, with drafting a will being at the top of the list. A will provides instructions about how your assets should be divided if you become incapacitated. It can also designate legal guardians to look after your children. 

For a will to bring your final wishes to fruition, it must be legally sound and watertight. A failure to ensure that this is the case could result in your will being contested. How can you avoid this and prevent challenges to your will?

Ensure that your will is up to date

You may have addressed your will some years ago, but does it still accurately reflect your wishes? Life is constantly evolving and your family circumstances can change in just a matter of months. Perhaps you have divorced or remarried this year? Maybe there are some new additions to the family? Should you pass away and accidentally leave close family members out of your estate plan, this could give rise to some will contests.

Dispose properly of previous wills

The importance of keeping your will up to date has been discussed, but it’s also vital to dispose of preexisting wills. If an old will comes to light after you pass, family members may end up disputing which document is accurate. As with most aspects of estate planning, it’s in your best interests to seek legal guidance when disposing of a will so that everything remains above board.

Taking the above steps can help to ensure that your final wishes are honored whatever happens. Make sure you seek the appropriate directions from someone with experience in the field as you plan for the future.

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