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Every Illinois estate owner can execute a unique plan to protect assets, transfer property, list instructions for business succession and more. Many estate owners include documents in their plans that pertain to heirs and beneficiaries. Issues pertaining to a person who is designated to receive property or assets through a will or a trust can be complex, which is why it is best to speak with someone well-versed in estate law if a complication arises.

Execution of an estate plan enables an individual to control what happens to his or her property when he or she dies. Some people use it as a means to leave an inheritance. Others, however, incorporate terms into a last will and testament specifically to exclude a particular person or people from inheriting assets or property.

Challenges to a will occur frequently. When contesting a will, a person must provide evidence to the court that substantiates his or her claim. For instance, if someone has evidence that an estate owner was under duress or not of sound mind when he or she signed a will, this would affect the court’s decision regarding document validity.

Illinois heirs and beneficiaries often encounter challenges when trying to resolve complex estate issues. It is easier to find solutions when one seeks support from an experienced estate planning and administration attorney rather than attempting to handle a challenging issue alone. Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe, LLP, can make recommendations and provide assistance to anyone preparing an estate plan, and can remain on hand to periodically review a plan or make any changes or updates as needed.

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