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How to avoid probate litigation stress

Before 2020 ends, many Illinois residents will die. This means that, in many cases, surviving family members or perhaps friends or other acquaintances may have probate litigation issues to resolve. Maybe someone designated you as an executor to an estate. Perhaps, you are listed as an heir or beneficiary in a person’s last will and testament.

You yourself might be an estate owner who is wondering what options are available to help your loved ones avoid high taxes or legal battles. In these types of circumstances or many other situations that can arise in connection with administration of a particular estate, it is a lot less stressful if support is provided by an experienced probate law attorney. If you wish to contest a will or if you have questions about a trust or a power of attorney, a probate law attorney can help you find answers and can also remain on hand to advocate on your behalf in court, if needed.

What if your parent has died without executing an estate plan? You may find yourself in need of legal support as the state determines how your mother’s or father’s assets will be distributed. There may also be liabilities to address, such as taxes or an unpaid mortgage or other financial debt.

Probate litigation can be complex. If you do not have a background in estate law, you might have a difficult time trying to resolve a particular issue. At Lesser, Lutrey, Pasquesi & Howe, LLP, you can obtain strong support and assistance in all types of estate law issues. by requesting a meeting, you can take the first step toward protecting your interests as you navigate the probate process.

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