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No need to fear the estate planning process

There are certain things in life that many people, including some in Illinois, would rather avoid, such as going to the dentist. Even when what is being avoided is good for the person in question, he or she might have personal reasons for not wanting to do it. This is often true where estate planning is concerned.

Those who procrastinate or hesitate to learn more about how to plan for their estates often do so because they do not like to think about or discuss their own mortality. However, one does not have to be near death to want to execute a solid estate plan. In fact, the sooner the better with regard to such issues. Age, marital status or income does not dictate whether or not it would be beneficial in a particular set of circumstances to build an estate portfolio.

Most people who take the plunge are later glad they did. There is no right or wrong way to create a plan other than the fact that one must adhere to state regulations regarding such matters. Some people want very basic plans without much more than a last will and testament, perhaps a trust and a power of attorney. Others’ plans are far more complex, sometimes including multiple types of trusts, advance directives and several powers of attorney, along with a last will and testament.

An Illinois estate planning attorney can be a great help to those wishing to begin the process. Lesser, Lutrey, Pasquesi & Howe, LLP, are committed to providing strong support regarding all aspects of your estate. Having an experienced legal team on hand also makes it easy to change or update an existing plan, as needed.

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