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Heirs and beneficiaries: Complex issues in Nipsey Hussle case

Rap music star/entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his own clothing store some time ago. In the wake of his sudden, tragic death, complicated issues regarding heirs and beneficiaries have arisen that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the lives of his two children. Members of his immediate family, as well as the biological mothers of each of his children, are entangled in litigation regarding approximately $2 million the kids are in line to inherit. Illinois residents facing similar issues may want to follow this case.

Hussle died without having executed a last will and testament. This has sparked legal issues that have prompted several people to file petitions in court for various reasons. Lauren London is the 34-year-old mother of Hussle’s two-year-old son. She has reportedly said that she wants to make sure she has control over her son’s inheritance.

London has filed paperwork in court stating that she has nothing but her son’s best interests in mind and will make sure the money he inherits will be used wisely. London says these are the main reasons she is petitioning the court for legal guardianship of his son. Hussle’s brother, however, says he is also taking legal action to become manager of his late brother’s estate.

In addition to these legal issues, several people (including Hussle’s brother) have also petitioned the court for custody of the decedent’s 10-year-old daughter. Hussle’s relatives have each said they want physical and legal custody of the child. When heirs and beneficiaries are minors, it can be challenging to resolve dispute issues in probate court. Any Illinois resident currently facing legal problems regarding such issues can keep stress to a minimum by asking an experienced estate law attorney to act on his or her behalf.

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