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Probate litigation ahead for Tom Petty’s loved ones

Many Illinois residents are adult children of parents who have divorced and remarried. Stepparent/child relationships can be complicated, and in cases of a biological parent’s death, problems may arise that lead to probate litigation. Such is the case regarding former rock and roll icon Tom Petty’s estate.

It seems Petty’s children have filed a lawsuit against his widow. It comes after two other cases, one filed by Petty’s widow against the daughters and another filed by one of the daughters against her stepmother. In this latest filing, both daughters claim their stepmother has failed to follow instructions left by their father regarding his artistic properties that, according to the sisters, were to be distributed into a limited liability company wherein his daughters were to have equal control over their fathers’ legacy.

An attorney representing Petty’s daughters stated that his widow has purposely disregarded the late singer’s wishes in order to suit her own personal interests. The attorney representing Petty’s widow has called the lawsuit “misguided and meritless.” He said his client will not allow such “destructive nonsense” to keep her from protecting her late husband’s estate.

It is not uncommon for blended families to encounter such challenges after an estate owner dies. Co-management and co-ownership issues are often the most difficult types of matters to resolve. In fact, some situations cause rifts that keep family members apart for years. An Illinois probate litigation attorney can provide much-needed guidance and support to anyone facing similar problems.

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