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Probate litigation regarding Tom Petty’s estate

Illinois rock and roll fans joined others throughout the country and across the world in mourning the sudden, unexpected loss of music icon Tom Petty. The former superstar’s 2017 death sparked many a debate about prescription drug addiction. As often happens when celebrities die suddenly, it also prompted probate litigation between his then current wife and two daughters from a previous relationship. 

Petty’s widow has asked the court to appoint a manager to her deceased husband’s estate. She has also requested that the court restrict his daughters’ ability to completely override decisions regarding their father’s estate. Petty’s daughter, however, has also petitioned the court, stating that her father had clearly expressed his wishes in a will, and that her stepmother is not abiding by the plan.

The situation is complex, as both sides are accusing the other of preventing certain important things from happening. For instance, Petty’s widow says his daughters’ actions have cost the estate at least $1 million because they prevented the release of new solo tracks that would have been part of a special anniversary edition album. The daughters claim, however, that their father wanted a limited-liability company set up that they were to have equal control over, but their stepmother has failed to establish the company so she can have sole control over the artistic properties of the estate.

Probate litigation cases like this one often cause serious rifts among family members. When assets of high net-worth or sentimental value are at stake, such situations can quickly become highly emotionally charged. Those in this state who are currently facing similar problems may find it easier to resolve their differences if legal support is sought from an experienced estate law attorney.

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