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Bob Marley heirs win appeal regarding trademark dispute

Many Illinois residents and those in other states who inherit property or money often encounter legal challenges when they set out to claim what they are entitled to receive. The heirs of former reggae singer Bob Marley have been entangled in a legal dispute regarding a trademark issue. An appellate court judge recently ruled on the matter and upheld an earlier federal court decision, which has reportedly greatly pleased the Marley heirs.

The situation involves Marley Coffee. The Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Company severed ties with Jammin’ Java Corporation. However, the latter apparently continued to use the Marley trademarks to turn a profit.

The Marley heirs filed a lawsuit, which resulted in a summary judgment. The ruling was appealed, and the appellate court has ruled in favor of the heirs, stating that they are entitled to all gross revenue of Marley Coffee products. The judge ruled that Fifty-Six Hope Road Music had terminated its short-term license contract with Jammin’ Java. Other celebrity family members have faced similar problems regarding copyright issues or trademarks in conjunction with their deceased loved ones’ estates.

It can take months, even years, to achieve settlements in cases like this. Illinois heirs facing similar legal problems may have difficulty resolving their situations if they try to go it alone in court. Most people in such circumstances choose to rely on experienced legal representation. An estate planning attorney can help a concerned heir protect his or her inheritance and is fully prepared to litigate any problematic issue as needed.

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