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2Pac estate administration litigation finally resolved

Rap music fans in Illinois and elsewhere no doubt recall the death of a man who was once held in high honor as an industry icon. On stage, he went by the name 2Pac and in the wake of his death, a legal battle ensued that took five years to resolve. The mother of 2Pac is the one who initially filed the estate administration claim against the Entertainment One company regarding unreleased music of her son.  

She was famous in her own right as an outspoken activist. When she filed the claim against Entertainment One, she stated that the company owed her royalties that would amount to seven figures. The problem is that she, too, died before the case was resolved.  

Other estate trustees picked up the legal torch and carried it onward. An ongoing court battle lasted for five years. The court recently ruled in favor of 2Pac’s estate, whereby Entertainment One must not only pay a six-figure settlement but must also return all unreleased 2Pac music to his estate.  

Estate administration battles often become contentious, especially if the terms of an estate plan are not clear. The probate court has the final say in such matters, and when a ruling is handed down, all parties must adhere. In some situations, it may be possible to appeal a judge’s ruling. Because such cases can be quite stressful, complex and challenging, it is a good idea for any Illinois resident facing such problems to turn to an experienced probate litigation attorney for support.

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