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Factors that often lead to probate litigation in Illinois

Circuit court judges in Illinois oversee many cases involving disputes regarding executors of estates as well as numerous other aspects related to the estate administration process. Such judges are called upon to issue rulings in probate litigation when a person or group of people challenge a last will and testament. When an objection is filed, the litigation process helps the court determine whether or not the decedent in question was of sound mind when he or she signed a will and whether someone intentionally interfered with the execution of an estate plan or somehow caused duress or wrongful influence upon the estate owner.

An experienced estate law attorney can help you overcome any obstacles that arise during the probate process. Especially if you are entangled in a situation that involves family discord, such as a sibling rivalry, it is quite helpful to act alongside legal representation rather than try to go it alone in court. Probate laws vary by state, and an experienced Illinois attorney can provide counsel and guidance according to regulations that apply to your situation in this state. 

Sadly, disputes over wills, trusts and other estate issues often lead to serious family breakdowns. In fact, sometimes, family members cease speaking to each other when they are unable to resolve their differences. Assuming that most families would want to rectify their situations before they go that far, it is always a good idea to reach out for support.

Lesser Lutrey Pasquesi & Howe, LLP, is fully prepared to help you navigate the probate litigation process. Our experienced legal team has successfully supported Illinois clients for more than 20 years, and we are committed to helping you protect your rights and interests if you wish to challenge a last will and testament or some other aspect of the administration of someone’s estate. We can also provide support if you are named as executor in a person’s will and someone has challenged your appointment. 

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