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Probate litigation re Prince’s estate resolved

When music legend Prince died, the administration of his estate was anything but smooth sailing. His sudden death from an overdose of a painkiller, fentanyl, shocked and saddened music fans throughout the world and left his family members at odds with several others concerning his estate. Probate litigation regarding streaming rights to some of his songs and other issues has finally been resolved. Illinois residents who find themselves facing protracted probate proceedings can reach out for legal support to help them solve their problems as well.

Not long after his death, Prince’s record company filed a lawsuit against Roc Nation, which is owned by Jay-Z. Prince’s people claimed top Prince hit, “Purple Rain” and other selections from his Warner Bros. catalog were being streamed without permission. Parties have recently agreed to forge a new deal, allowing Tidal to debut an album of previously unreleased Prince songs.

Those involved say the new agreement concludes all other existing legal matters between the Prince estate and Roc Nation. Prince’s siblings objected to the deal. However, the judge hearing the case advised that the proposed settlement is in the estate’s best interest.

Soon after his death, Prince’s estate was valued at approximately $200 million before taxes. The current value may be different though, as it is not uncommon for such values to change over time following a prominent entertainer’s death. Any Illinois resident seeking an updated estate valuation or guidance concerning other probate litigation issues may request a meeting with an experienced estate planning and administration law attorney.

Source: tampabay.com, “Unreleased Prince music to be streamed on Tidal in 2019”, May 11, 2018

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