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Heirs and beneficiaries battling over Glen Campbell estate

Country music fans in Illinois and throughout the world mourned the passing of Glen Campbell after his long, arduous battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Now, Campbell’s heirs and beneficiaries are fighting over his estate, reportedly worth $50 million. On one side of the estate battle is Campbell’s widow; on the other, several of his children.

The older Campbell children say their father’s wife barred them from visiting when their dad was a resident at an Alzheimer’s care facility. They also have filed a lawsuit seeking a portion of their father’s estate. That may prove difficult, however, as Campbell apparently took steps many years ago to specifically exclude his older children as heirs to his estate.

Campbell’s widow, Kim, says she had nothing to do with that; it was her husband’s choice and she says he had his reasons. Campbell’s wife also adamantly stated that she never tried to stop Campbell’s kids from visiting. She added that his son, Travis, had not called to arrange a visit, or even to inquire about his father’s health in the past 20 years. 

Campbell’s widow recently spoke to reporters, telling how hurtful it is to have people make threatening comments to her and spew hatred against her based on rumors that have no foundation in truth. When heirs and beneficiaries disagree about an estate plan or accuse someone of wrongfully influencing an estate owner to sign certain documents, it can take a long time to sort things out in court. However, an experienced  Illinois attorney is often able to help expedite the process and make sure that an estate is properly administrated.

Source: rarecountry.com, “Glen Campbell’s widow opens up about the family feud over his estate“, Hunter Kelly, March 20, 2018

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