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Late rap star’s son and widow engaged in fight over final will

Illinois rap fans of the 1980s may remember Eazy-E and his record label, Ruthless Records. As sometimes happens following deaths of loved ones, two of his family members are currently facing off in a dispute over his will. His son has stated that he believes his father was not in his right mind when his then wife convinced him to sign the document that would transfer all his assets to her upon his death.

The dispute arose after the widow filed a lawsuit against her stepson for copyright infringement. She claimed he used the Ruthless Records name without permission. Lil Eazy-E, the former rap star’s son, responded to his stepmother’s actions by filing a countersuit of his own. In his claim, he asserts that his father was so heavily medicated when he signed his final will that he was not coherent.

The son also claims his father married his stepmother on his deathbed and that he does not believe his father signed his own marriage license, which was mysteriously filed confidentially. He does not think the marriage ever took place. As it stands, the court will have the final say as to whether Eazy-E’s purported final will is valid.

There may be Illinois readers who relate to the ongoing final will dispute between the deceased rap star’s loved ones. Such situations are often easier to resolve if concerned parties enlist the help of experienced estate planning attorneys before heading to court. A person must be of sound mind when executing an estate plan; an attorney knows how to bring questionable situations to the court’s immediate attention.

Source: eurweb.com, “Eazy-E’ Son Not Sure About Late Father’s Will and ‘Death-Bed Marriage’“, Fisher Jack, Nov. 26, 2017

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