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Widow of 9/11 victim discusses estate planning and administration

Most Illinois residents who were adults in 2001 remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when a terrorist group launched an attack against the United States on domestic soil. A woman in another state was a young mother of three at the time. She recently recounted her memories of that day and also discussed many lessons she learned in the aftermath of her own husband’s death, including certain estate planning and administration strategies.

The woman’s children were all age six and under at the time of the World Trade Center attacks. Their father was in Tower Two of the Trade Center at the time. Sadly, he lost his life after a plane struck the building.

The untimely death of her husband left the grieving widow scrambling for ways to protect her children down the line. She of course dealt with many emotional issues but was also concerned with the fact that her husband did not have a will in place when he died. She said she learned the hard way what a big mistake this is and how often people make it.

A friend of hers helped her get her financial affairs in order and provided much needed advice with regard to estate planning and administration, the children’s college education funds and other important fiscal matters. Preparing a last will and testament can save loved ones from a lot of stress in the event of an unexpected death. An experienced Illinois attorney can assist anyone in this state who wishes to execute a solid estate plan.

Source: CNBC, “Here’s how a 9/11 widow brought her family back from the brink“, Darla Mercado, Sept. 11, 2017

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