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Discord between heirs and beneficiaries of Alan Thicke

When a person unexpectedly dies, family members may disagree about inheritance. While not every Illinois resident’s estate may be valued as high as that of former TV star Alan Thicke, many may relate to a raging battle that has ensued among his heirs and beneficiaries. Thicke’s death brought sorrow to many, including 1980s sitcom fans who enjoyed his shows; his two sons, Robin and Brennan, are apparently worried that Thicke’s third wife may try to get more than she is entitled to by inheritance.

Robin Thicke, a Hollywood star in his own right, joined his brother to file a complaint against their stepmother. The siblings say they have evidence (a written letter from the stepmother’s attorney, supposedly) revealing her intentions to try to get her hands on more assets than those that were agreed up on in the prenuptial contract she and Thicke signed before they were married. The judge who reviewed the complaint did not seem to agree about the evidence portion of the complaint.

In fact, a letter does exist, but it was written and sent in a sealed, confidential manner; therefore, it is not admissible in court. The judge dismissed the brothers’ complaint. However, he told their attorney that they may file a new complaint at any time if they can produce substantial evidence showing that their stepmother tries to thwart her prenuptial agreement in some way.

The stepmother’s attorney says her client is quite satisfied with the personal agreement she made with her now-deceased husband before they wed. These are definitely not the first heirs and beneficiaries of a Hollywood star to squabble over inheritance. There may even be Illinois residents facing similar challenges at this time who have never stepped foot in a television studio. A person who questions the administration of a loved one’s estate or believes another party is trying to beat the system with regard to an inheritance can ask an experienced attorney to bring the matter to the court’s attention.

Source: Hollywood, Ca. Patch, “Alan Thicke Estate: Battle Between Sons, Widow Tossed Out Of Court“, Sept. 14, 2017

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