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What Illnois law states about the living will process

Executing certain documents while one is of sound mind may help ensure that certain actions are carried out (or avoided) if an urgent situation arises where one becomes incapacitated. Living wills are an example of this. When terminal conditions are diagnosed by Illinois physicians, such documents ensure that measures to prolong life may (or may not, depending on personal preference) be taken. Many consider them a vital part of the estate planning process.

Late rap star's son and widow engaged in fight over final will

Illinois rap fans of the 1980s may remember Eazy-E and his record label, Ruthless Records. As sometimes happens following deaths of loved ones, two of his family members are currently facing off in a dispute over his will. His son has stated that he believes his father was not in his right mind when his then wife convinced him to sign the document that would transfer all his assets to her upon his death.

Wills and trusts are key to unlocking peace of mind re estates

Many Illinois residents are currently researching ways to protect their families' best interests when they're no longer here to care for them. Parents of young children, especially, may be concerned about who would care for their children if something were to happen to both parents. Such matters can be quite worrisome if one does not know how to access available resources to formulate a solid estate plan. However, with appropriate guidance and key documents, such as wills and trusts, parents can proceed in life confident that their children's future needs will be met.

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