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Heirs and Beneficiaries Archives

Support available for heirs and beneficiaries in Illinois

When an Illinois resident executes an estate plan, he or she may include numerous documents and designate various people to fulfill crucial roles. For instance, children, grandchildren, spouses or others may be named as heirs and beneficiaries. While it sounds simple enough, you might be surprised how common it is for feuds to arise regarding a parent's or other loved one's last will and testament.  

When heirs and beneficiaries question an executor's actions

Many Illinois estate owners have made plans to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones' financial security when the time comes to administer their estates. Written terms are critically important regarding a given estate plan. Equally or, perhaps even more important is making sure that all those who are named as heirs and beneficiaries understand their roles and the terms as they are written.  

Problems re Manson estate heirs and beneficiaries resolved

Baby boomers and older Illinois residents are among those most likely to remember news headlines and horrendous crimes involving Charles Manson. Manson was seen as a prophet among those colloquially known as The Manson Family and had spent the majority of his adult life serving multiple life sentences in prison, for masterminding the murders of a pregnant actress, Sharon Tate, and eight other people in the late 1960s. He was still behind bars when he died in 2017, and his heirs and beneficiaries have been fighting over his remains and his estate, ever since.  

Real estate tycoon's heirs and beneficiaries in dispute

James F. Cotter died in 2017. Known for his real estate empire and cowboy lifestyle, he suffered a cardiac arrest, leaving behind five children and a wife. Cotter's heirs and beneficiaries are in the midst of an acrimonious legal battle over his estate.

Heirs and beneficiaries battling over $60,000 in life insurance

Many adults in Illinois are children or grandchildren of recently deceased elders. Some situations no doubt involve disputes between heirs and beneficiaries. Sadly, such circumstances are not all that uncommon and can be quite challenging to resolve. A woman who is the granddaughter of a recent decedent in another state understands just how difficult it can be as she is fighting several local agencies over $60,000 in life insurance her grandma apparently wanted donated upon her death.  

Heirs and beneficiaries battling over Glen Campbell estate

Country music fans in Illinois and throughout the world mourned the passing of Glen Campbell after his long, arduous battle with Alzheimer's disease. Now, Campbell's heirs and beneficiaries are fighting over his estate, reportedly worth $50 million. On one side of the estate battle is Campbell's widow; on the other, several of his children.

Heirs and beneficiaries may face property problems

When more than one Illinois resident inherits the same piece of land, problems may arise down the line if all owners do not agree regarding what should happen with the land. Heirs and beneficiaries can run into some serious legal issues if, for instance, not all joint property owners concur that the property should be sold. This is basically what happened in a particular case in another state.

Helping heirs and beneficiaries avoid disputes over money

Many aging parents in Illinois rely on at least one of their adult children to act as primary or assistant care providers as they live out their golden years. Some wind up leaving their homes and taking up residence in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Sadly, it's not uncommon for heirs and beneficiaries to begin to fight over money they believe is meant for their inheritance but is instead being used to pay for living arrangements and care.

Heirs and beneficiaries don't always agree to estate plan results

When an Illinois resident executes an estate plan to distribute his or her assets to various family members or others, documents may be customized to suit individual wishes and long-term goals. For instance, many estate owners include advanced medical directives in their plans because they want or do not want certain types of care and wish to place their instructions in writing in case they become incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves during urgent medical situations. Where heirs and beneficiaries are concerned, problems may arise if one or more parties contest a will.

Heirs and beneficiaries: Fist fights not the best way to go

Most Illinois parents likely do not expect their children to engage in physical brawls in their front yards when they die. Some may be surprised to learn it may be more of a risk than they realize. According to those who regularly assist heirs and beneficiaries in the probate and estate administration processes, children and other relatives of deceased estate owners often fight over seemingly worthless items.

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